Review of Acre Gold

To put it briefly: Acre Gold is a website that provides a subscription plan for purchasing gold. Because Acre Gold offers a “layaway programme” that allows fractional purchases until you buy the entire bar, you don’t need to have the full amount required to buy a bar. They won’t send you the gold bar until that time.

To determine if Acre Gold is the best site for you to buy gold, read our review.

Acre Gold in a Nutshell

The main goal of Acre Gold is to make it simple for investors to buy and invest in precious metals, even with limited resources. Investors can pick from 3 different subscription plans, priced at $50, $100, or $250 each month, to best meet their budgetary needs.

As an inflation hedge, gold typically increases when the stock market declines. In these times of economic instability, many people are turning to gold as a safe haven for their money, and Acre Gold has recently made doing so more accessible to everyone.

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Review of Acre Gold: How Does It Operate?

Your layaway plan is actually the subscription plan you choose. Your monthly payment contributes to the cost of a bar of gold. The longer it takes to pay off a bar, the cheaper the plan’s pricing is. Acre Gold will send you the bar(s) as soon as you reach the threshold. There isn’t a clear listing of the price of a bar of gold as of right now on the website, but we suppose that’s because the market value changes.

We do believe that Acre Gold could be a useful resource for buyers if they offered a chart or current information.

Exists a Policy for Cancellations?

Yes, as shown by our Acre Gold review, the platform features a cancellation and refund policy. However, Acre Gold does not provide refunds for tangible products once they have been dispatched, despite its claim that members can cancel or amend their accounts at any time. You may always get help from their customer support if there are any problems with the delivery.

Acre Gold Cost

Anyone interested in joining Acre Gold must pay a one-time $12 enrollment charge in addition to the monthly subscription fee. Then there are the fees associated with shipping and fulfilment each time gold is sent to you.

Acre Gold’s referral programme

As an added benefit, Acre Gold offers its members a referral scheme. Although there isn’t much information available regarding the prizes, the platform will pay you for referring friends and relatives. For companies wishing to collaborate with them, there is also an affiliate programme.

Customer Service

Customer service speaks volumes about a company, and Acre Gold provides excellent service. It does not, however, provide many ways to contact its representatives. To receive a response to your query, you can either contact them or go to its social media pages (Facebook and Instagram).

There isn’t a live chat feature or phone number for customer care on Acre Gold’s website right now, but hopefully they’ll add one in the future.

Is Acre Gold Legit and Is It Right For You?

Given that Acre Gold is a relatively new competitor in the gold investment market, it is sense that prospective customers would be sceptical of its legitimacy. Acre Gold claims that its products are struck in Switzerland, are 99.90 percent pure gold, and include a certificate of authenticity with every bar.

Acre Gold expertly puts its products in tamper-evident packaging to safeguard your cargo while in transit. This kind of packaging will show any attempts to tamper with or open your shipment.

Your financial objectives, risk tolerance, investment profile, and personal preferences will determine whether it’s the perfect choice for you. You might not require Acre Gold’s services if you have the money to purchase entire bars at once. Acre Gold is a reliable service, nonetheless, if its layaway payment plan appeals to you.

Remember that gold bars are not a very liquid asset and are typically something investors retain as they wait for it to increase in value. Consider other options if you’re looking for assets that you can sell rapidly for a profit.

Final Conclusion

Acre Gold significantly lowers the entry barrier for new gold investors. Prospective customers can select a subscription plan that fits their budget and gradually pay off gold bars in instalments. With tamper-evident packaging, your product is safeguarded and preserved until it gets into your hands. Learn more about Acre Gold’s capabilities here.

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